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February 15, 2024


Gen Z response to Israel/Hamas crisis reveals big generational divide

NEW YORK, New York - The Heart Monitors™, a new type of strategy and insights consultancy that focuses on the feelings behind the facts, has launched with provocative findings related to Gen Z feelings around the Israel/Hamas crisis. Co-founded by marketing and brand strategy industry pioneers Jon Bond and Robin Lemberg, The Heart Monitorswas born in the wake of the October 7, 2023 Israel/Hamas attacks, which revealed the powerful feelings and unexpected sympathies of Gen Z audiences around the conflict.  

After partnering with international nonprofit Israel education organization StandWithUs,  The Heart Monitorsapplied a strategic framework and modern market research methodology in sync with social media and human behavior to gain audience insights around Gen Z’s response to the conflict. It became evident to the team that facts hold little sway, it’s about understanding and addressing the thousands of feelings behind them.

Some of the findings* include:

  • Only 32% of Gen Z ers believe that historic oppression of the Jewish people, including the Holocaust, is relevant to the current conflict.

  • 25% of Gen Z believe that both Hamas and the IDF are terrorist organizations.

  • Two thirds of Gen Z said that the term “Israeled - when someone asks you to share something and then tells everyone you took it from them” was not Antisemitic or they were not sure. 

  • 50% of Gen Z agree that the slogan “Free Palestine” inspires them to take action or support the cause.

“Israel is losing the propaganda war. ‘Free Palestine’ is arguably the best marketing campaign of the 21st century. It was a simple, powerful, unified message from a well orchestrated playbook. Gen Z responded, and Israel lost the hearts of Gen Z.”  said Jon Bond, co-founder, The Heart Monitors™ “The pro-Palestinian effort has flipped the script so that Israel is no longer ‘the underdog’ - they have become David, and Israel is now big, bad Goliath.”

“Facts don’t drive action, feelings do. There are twenty core emotions and over two thousand feelings. In a world of truth decay and misinformation, feelings are the new contemporary currency that drives identification, adherence to a message, powerful narratives and ultimately behavior change,” said Robin Lemberg, co-founder, The Heart Monitors™. “This led us to conceptualize what we call “The F Factor” — the strategic identification of appropriate feelings for specific audiences at the opportune moment, designed to evoke the desired behavior, and how we could effectively help others.”

The Heart Monitorsconsultancy works with non-profit organizations, causes, brands and partners using a proprietary research tech stack, custom communities, daring questions and quick and timely reads to provide powerful audience insights around messaging and campaigns.  A new product, “Gen Z Heart Tracker”, will be releasing bi-weekly, with quick pulses on the feelings underneath topical, pop culture and sometimes polarizing issues. To learn more about The Heart Monitorsor sign up for the “Gen Z Heart Tracker” please visit



The Heart Monitors is a new type of strategy consultancy exposing the feelings behind the factsthat offer deep insights and drive behavioral change. Made up of passionate leaders from the worlds of marketing, finance, non-profits, research and social science, bringing a proprietary research tech stack, custom communities, daring questions, quick and timely reads and with products and services such as the “F Factor” and the “Gen Z Heart Tracker”, we empower non-profits, brands and their partners with powerful audience insights around messages, campaigns, topical and polarizing issues in order to craft a story that resonates, drives behavior and influences change. For more information, visit

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