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The Heart Monitors is a new type of strategy and insights consultancy focused on the idea that feelings are the new currency that drive sharing, identification and adhesion to messages.

We were born out of the current Hamas Israeli conflict. It laid bare the core issues of a generation - facts don’t always matter, feelings drive behavior and incite action. We are the Heart Monitors because we get to the heart of feelings to shift markets and change minds


Robin Lemberg

Robin Lemberg is a globally recognized leader in branding, strategy, marketing, and communications, renowned for her obsession with understanding people and
translating that insight into big ideas that simplify complex challenges. Robin has
led an expansive career spanning leadership roles at iconic organizations and for global brands such as PepsiCo, Credit Suisse, Interbrand, BBDO TBWA (formerly BDDP), Mercer (formerly Corporate Decisions, Inc) and Disney, and her own consultancy, The Branding Partnership, then XN Partnership. Her strategic thinking informed Effie and Lion awards among other industry accolades.
Robin also helped to develop the Disruption methodology and write its launch book while at BBDP/TBWA, which has made a big impact on the branding and marketing industry.


In recent years, Robin has combined her marketing expertise with a degree in nonprofit executive leadership to positively impact social issues through the application of marketing principles and strategic planning to international, domestic, and local NPOs. She is on the Board of Human Services in Greenwich, CT and serves as an advisor to other organizations.  Robin is also passionate about passing the marketing torch on to Gen Z by inspiring new ways of thinking about strategy to catalyze change. Robin splits her time between Connecticut, New York City and Paris and is a proud parent to Gen Z kids.

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Jon Bond

Jon Bond is a well-known thought leader and entrepreneur in the advertising and marketing industry, renowned for shaping the landscape through the development of innovative companies and groundbreaking marketing concepts.  Bond originally co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners (KBP) when he was 29 years old, where he served as the CEO. Under his leadership,
KBP became the first modern multi-disciplinary agency, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Currently, he serves as the Co-Chairman at The Shipyard (a full-service agency) and is the Founder and Chief Tomorroist at TOMORRO/ (a value accelerator), and the co-founder of
Evolve (a nonpartisan gun safety and responsibility group).


Bond's influence extends beyond his business ventures, including having written a book titled,
“Under the Radar,” and he is a captivating speaker who is represented by The Guild Group. His extensive knowledge and experience continue to make a lasting impact on the advertising and
marketing industry. Jon splits his time between New York and Los Angeles and is a proud parent to Gen Z kids.

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Sean McCarthy

Sean McCarthy joins The Heart Monitors as Client Partner after a career spanning leadership roles at major agency networks with a wide variety of brands and categories. Most recently, Sean led the Verizon B2B account at McCann, and has been in leadership roles at top global agencies and networks including Omnicom, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Havas / Euro RSCG, J. Walter Thomas, and Publicis. Sean has a depth of brand-building experience across a range of industries, with clients including Volvo, Nissan, GoDaddy, Diageo, General Mills, Mondelez, Microsoft, MetLife, Charles Schwab, Pfizer, GSK, NetJets, Unilever, and Shell. Sean has also been an active new business and marketing consultant for a variety of smaller and mid-sized agencies.
At The Heart Monitors, Sean is leading new client partnerships with brands striving to enhance their position in the consumer marketplace by identifying, understanding and leveraging the feelings that drive consumer affinity, engagement, and action. He is passionate about connecting insights to integrated business thinking for innovation, disruption, and nimble responsiveness to a dynamic marketplace. 
A proud Gen X-er, Sean lives with his Gen X wife and Gen Z daughter in Larchmont, New York.

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Feelings vs Emotions

There are 20 emotions, but 2,000+ feelings.

You see a lion in the plains, and you experience fear.  The emotion is instinctive. Feelings on the other hand are learned behaviors and can shift easily from stimuli we introduce, otherwise known as marketing.

An opportunity for marketers.


The fear you experience instinctively goes away once the lion disappears, but your feelings about the poor lion trapped behind bars stay with you after you leave the zoo.





Hard to change


Learned responses



Easily shifted

Get the F Factor. Get in touch.

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