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We get to the heart of feelings to shift markets and change minds.

Feelings are the currency that drive sharing, identification and adhesion to messages. Our approach lays bare the raw feelings that drive human behavior. We work with nonprofits, brand, agencies and management consultancies to expose the feelings that answer the questions behind the facts.

The F-Factor Tech Stack.

Our market research tech stack is designed to deliver on the promise of innovative feelings research through a Feelings Dimensionalization Analysis, empowering our team to identify the big ideas that leverage the specific feeling we aim to amplify.

Pulsing Platform

Quick quantitative and open-ended polling

Voice Platforms

Anonymous qualitative pulsing

Natural Language Processing

Analyzing open-ended responses and qualitative transcripts

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The F-Factor put to work for your brand.

Topics that make your heart pound.

The Gen Z Heart Tracker is but one way we are giving them the attention, the voice and the forum they deserve. They are not “lost to us.” We have just not been listening. We must strive to understand, not deny, if we seek to change their minds and hearts. 


The Tracker captures insights into the audience’s feelings. It is fueled by surveys conducted among a nationally representative panel.  The key to our methodology is quick and timely reads on the most meaningful headlines in pop culture as they appear, which captures the ‘pulse’ of the moment and unearths the core strategic issues to solve.

The why behind the what.

heart of the matter.png
heart of the matter.png

Longer term strategic engagements to identify the F factor that will move the provide solutions to the big elephant problems of an issue or in a category. Grounded in our feelings research we develop brand strategy, audience segmentation and messaging all of which leads to an integrated action plan that serves as the brief to all creative partners.


News that gets the heart racing.

Identifying that piece of news or event in pop culture that will resonate and become viral.  How to package the news for your brand so that elicits maximum intensity of emotion, which is what not only moves people to action, but is also the fuel for viral pass along.

the pulse.png
the pulse.png

Creative that quickens the pulse.

Pulse-testing creative options to determine which executions impact the feelings that lead to action. The greater the intensity of feelings, the greater the impact in the marketplace.


Finding the ideas that JOLT.

Testing ideas until we find or develop the one or ones that jolt people into action.

Get the F Factor. Get in touch.

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