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Repositioning Goliath to Get You to See David

In the weeks following Hamas' Oct. 7 massacre of Israeli civilians, Robin Lemberg was busy trying to process the attack, how Israel was responding to it, and how people were responding to that. Specifically, she was trying to understand the outpouring of anti-Israeli vs. pro-Palestinian sentiment manifesting in news coverage, social media, and even on American college campuses.

Lemberg, a long-time branding expert who has helped shaped the sentiment of some of the world's largest brands, is also an American Jew and her daughter attends what would be considered a progressive U.S. university, where student protest groups were not just demonstrating in support of Palestine, but against Israel -- and in the most extreme cases, against other students simply for being Jewish.

Lemberg was beginning to form a thesis about how Israel was losing the "good guy" narrative and becoming the villain when she came upon a document that startled her in its sophistication.

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