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The feelings behind the facts.

Polls are polls and facts are facts. They are everywhere. However, unfortunately, feelings trump them all, especially when it comes to such an emotionally charged issue as the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

The Israeli-Hamas Conflict has laid bare the larger social debates and angst of the Gen Z generation.

To truly connect with this generation, which represents the future surrounding this conflict, we must listen to the feelings they express, on their own terms, in their own way. We must understand them, not deny them, or minimize them, if we want to change their hearts and minds.

Let’s face it, feelings are complicated, we feel many at once. They’re often hard to articulate, but critical to understand especially as they relate to facts.

The Gen Z Heart Tracker provides this generation with a forum to be heard, so that we can connect with them. They are not “lost to us” as many believe. We just have not been listening.

How it Works

This Launch Edition of The Gen Z Heart Tracker is fueled by over 300 quick pulses/short surveys conducted through a nationally representative panel of U.S. teens/adults. Our research was conducted among Gen Zers (ages 16-26) with results compared those of the general population 16-99 (U.S., National) In addition, we polled separate samples of Gen Zers (self-identified Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ+ and other.)

The key to our methodology is quick and timely reads of the most meaningful headlines in pop culture as they appear. This quick take on the “pulse” of Gen Z is coupled with a bold approach: asking the questions that no one asks to derive the insights no one else is seeing, even when the answers might be hard to hear.

When we confront A KEY statistic, FROM OUR OWN FINDINGS, we drill down further, to get to the raw FEELINGS BEHIND THE FACTS, by further identifying specific feelings behind them again with quantitative and qualitative surveys.


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