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Feelings behind the facts

The Heart Monitors is a new type of strategy and insights consultancy focused on the idea that feelings are the new currency that drive sharing, identification and adhesion to messages. There are twenty emotions and over two thousand feelings. The Heart Monitors looks behind the headlines, pop culture, and controversies to unearth the feelings behind the facts™ to touch hearts, change minds and combat prejudice.

The Heart Monitors consultancy was born from the recent Israel/Hamas conflict, which revealed the powerful feelings and unexpected sympathies of Generation Z (“Gen Z”, ages 16-26) around the conflict. In understanding Gen Z’s motivations and behavior, it became evident that mere “facts” don’t matter, and it is feelings that drive their action. In a world of truth decay and misinformation, we saw that no one is unearthing the answers to questions behind the simple facts, or daring to ask the bold questions that expose the true feelings to be able to then change them with different messages and different actions.

Thanks to the generous support of StandWithUs, we were engaged in late 2023 to harness insights, test feelings, statements and slogans to share with the larger world by creating a B’Kol Echad, which means “out of many voices comes one” in Hebrew.  The idea behind B’Kol Echad - One Voice was to apply the basic principles of research, insights and strategy designed to empower Jewish organizations and influential leaders to align and strengthen fragmented messages and tell one powerful unified story. By researching diverse voices and messages in the Israel/Hamas conflict, we hope to identify visceral feelings that lead to messaging that resonates to shift hearts and change minds. There are many great messages out there to optimize in the shorter term and it is our hope that we come together to develop a unified “counter-playbook” to what we are calling the most powerful marketing campaign of the 21st century, which was launched by pro-Hamas groups on October 7, 2024. 

The Heart Monitors is a new type of strategy and insights consultancy made up of passionate and experienced leaders from the worlds of marketing, finance, non-profits, research and social science. Using a proprietary research technology stack, custom communities, daring questions and quick and timely reads of current news and pop culture and with products and services such as the “F Factor”, a proprietary research methodology to isolate feelings, and the “Gen Z Heart Tracker”, we empower Jewish non-profits, brands and their partners with powerful audience insights around messages, campaigns, topical and polarizing issues with the hope we unite in One Voice. 


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