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Facts don't matter. 

Feelings are everything. 

The Heart Monitors is a new type of insights and activation company focused on the idea that feelings are the new currency that drive sharing, identification, and behavioral change.

Feelings are
the way people self-express. 

Whereas the traditional forms of research  determine the facts, our approach goes one step further laying bare the raw feelings that drive human behavior.

Our market research tech stack is designed to deliver on the promise of innovative feelings research. This integrated approach culminates in a "feelings" dimensionalization analysis, empowering our team to identify the big ideas that leverage the specific feeling we aim to amplify – our F Factor.

We find
F Factor

the right feelings for the

right audience at the 

right time that will incite the 

right behavior.

Capture the pulse of the moment with quick and timeline reads on the most meaningful headlines in pop culture as they appear.


Have an opinion? Share your feelings. 


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