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The Heart Monitors Featured in The Jewish Link

Updated: Apr 8

The Heart Monitors’ Consultancy Seeks to Help Jewish Nonprofits With Messaging Aimed at Gen Z

Our children attending secular colleges today are constantly bombarded by anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric, from Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), part of the “Free Palestine” movement, among other such groups. The Free Palestine movement is a Palestinian-Syrian-backed movement and community organization opposing the existence of Israel. Since the horrific events of October 7 they continue to garner support from young people and push lawmakers to stop giving money and weapons to Israel, and work to influence young Democratic voters to threaten to boycott President Joe Biden as political retribution for any support he has shown to Israel. They appeal largely to young people’s emotions and feelings as opposed to the facts.

And so, on October 11, Robin Lemberg and Jon Bond, co-founders of The Heart Monitors, a new strategy and insights marketing consultancy, came together to help the Jewish world deal with their fragmentation and fact-driven messaging that was no match for the call of “Free Palestine,” which thrives on fueling the fire of anger and confusion. “The Heart Monitors was born out of crisis,” said Lemberg. “It’s a war of words,” noted Bond.

Read the rest of the article at the Jewish Link.


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