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How do People Feel About What's Been Going on at Harvard?

Harvard in a nutshell

Since January 1st, we have fielded over 18 pulse surveys about the controversies at Harvard surrounding Dr. Claudine Gay’s resignation and followed up with the controversy last week about the posting and use of an antisemitic by faculty. As Harvard is a microcosm of the issues across all campuses with America’s eyes on campus, we asked daring questions and how the General population feels, Gen Z overall and then Gen Z Jews and Gen Z Muslims. Our findings are jarring ...the debate over hate speech, antisemitism, how people really feel about Jews and more.

One of the most jarring findings from our research is that 50% of Gen Z respondents believe that rich Jewish donors were behind the resignation of Harvard's first black female president, Dr. Claudine Gay. Dr. Gay's resignation was clouded by accusations of plagiarism and a failure to address incidents targeting Jewish students on campus. The accusations of plagiarism were more seen to be due to the fact that she is a woman of color, while there was acknowledgement that she was also asked to resign due to her failure to protect Jewish students on campus. Her handsome compensation package was seen as “very fair” by a strong majority.

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