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Democrat’s Hard Pivot on Israel Bears Fruit

A recent conducted by Heart Monitors, a new strategy and insights firm dedicated to uncovering the underlying emotions and sentiments driving public opinion sought to delve into the repercussions of Senator Chuck Schumer's critique of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's handling of the conflict in Gaza, as well as his call for new elections in Israel. The. Heart Monitors specializes in analyzing the feelings behind the facts, providing valuable insights into the nuances of human behavior and decision-making processes. Conducted among both the general population and Generation Z, the survey aimed to gauge how Schumer's statement influenced respondents' attitudes towards political parties and their voting intentions concerning the upcoming presidential election.


On Friday, March 15th, we found that 42% of Gen Z was undecided with Biden having a 4 % lead over trump vs 32% of Gen Z



This was sharply different than the General Population.


Following Schumer’s strong pivot, we polled to ask  how it would affect voting intentions in the fall. Some of Gen Z, as other polls have indicated, is considering not voting in response to Schumer’s statement (41%) despite  50% agreement with his statement.  Gen Pop’s reaction was a 42% response that this stance swayed their voting choice in Biden’s direction. What is very interesting is recent Harvard/Harris polling numbers showed strong support for support of Israel.


Agreement with Schumer's Statement:

  • Gen Z: 50% of Generation Z respondents agreed with Schumer's statement.

  • Gen Pop: 47% of the general population agreed with Schumer's statement.


Effect on Relationship with Political Parties:

  • Gen Z: 57% of Generation Z respondents stated that Schumer's statement did not change their relationship with political parties.

  • Gen Pop: 54% of the general population indicated that Schumer's statement did not change their relationship with political parties.

Impact on Voting Intentions for the Presidential Election:

  • Gen Z: 41% of Generation Z respondents, the highest percentage, stated that Schumer's statement would affect their voting intentions for the presidential election by making them inclined not to vote.

  • Gen Pop: 42% of the general population, the highest percentage, stated that Schumer's statement would make them more likely to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.


Agreement with Schumer's Statement: The survey results underscore a notable alignment with Schumer's criticism of Netanyahu's handling of the Gaza conflict among both Generation Z and the general population. This indicates substantial support for Schumer's stance on Israel across different demographics.


Effect on Relationship with Political Parties: Despite agreement with Schumer's statement, the majority of respondents from both Generation Z and the general population reported that it did not significantly alter their relationship with political parties. This suggests that while respondents may agree with Schumer's position on Israel, it may not substantially impact their broader perceptions of political parties.


Impact on Voting Intentions for the Presidential Election: Divergent effects on voting intentions for the upcoming presidential election were observed. Among Generation Z respondents, there was a significant inclination not to vote, possibly indicating disillusionment or disengagement with the political process. Conversely, among the general population, Schumer's statement appears to reinforce support for the Democratic Party, particularly for Joe Biden.

About The Heart Monitors

The Heart Monitors is a new type of strategy and insights consultancy focused on the idea that feelings are the new currency that drive sharing, identification and adhesion to messages. There are twenty emotions and over two thousand feelings. The Heart Monitors looks behind the headlines, pop culture, and controversies to unearth the feelings behind the facts™ to shift hearts and minds for causes and brands through our proprietary tech driven research stack.

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